Your comprehensive compliance solution

Compliance is neither optional, nor malleable. That’s why a complete and robust authentication solution (one which can unequivocally answer all your data demands in one go) is more valuable than ever.

Our tokenless multi-factor authentication solutions not only meet but exceed regulatory compliance requirements. These include PCI Data Security Standards, HIPAA, GDPR, and other industry regulations.


GDPR Compliance

The introduction of GDPR places significantly greater accountability on organisations to handle personal data carefully. Multi-factor authentication is the best practice solution when securing access to sensitive data. And for flexible-yet-robust authentication, SecurEnvoy offers solutions to provide peace of mind coupled with ease of implementation.

Data Diligence

GDPR places a new level of accountability on organisations as controllers and processors of data. Two-factor authentication ensures you’re doing as much as you can to keep customer data (and other confidential information) safe.   

Adoption Ease

Much as a robust, secure solution is crucial for GDPR, ensuring your authentication platform is user-friendly is equally important – ensuring it’ll be embraced throughout your business. Our tokenless product is easy for users, and simple for IT to manage.


GDPR means a lot of different things to different businesses. After all, every organisation will handle and process data in its own way. That’s why SecurAccess has been built to offer maximum versatility, with a huge range of tokenless access options.

We make sure that our customers are fully aware of how seriously we take security and have integrated SecurAccess as part of our service proposition.

Frank Gramiger, Project Leader at ENRI

PCI DSS Compliance Solutions


PCI DSS Compliance Solutions

Robust reassurance

Failure to comply with PCI DSS can leave you under threat from fraudulent card payments. In extreme cases, your card payment capability can even be taken away. Our authentication solution keeps payment processing safe.

Employee mobility

Retail and ecommerce businesses depend on remote access – allowing employees and partners to use systems off-site. Our authentication tools secure access via VPNs, mobile devices, or supplier software.

Deployment Simplicity

Our authentication platform has been designed to be easy to roll out and maintain. Its tokenless capability means deployment across your entire workforce and supplier network can be delivered in hours, with updates rolled out remotely.

Using SecurAccess, we’ve achieved what we set out to do. We’re compliant with PCI DSS, all our employees with laptops are able to log on securely, and there’s been minimum disruption to our online payments systems or our day-to-day working lives.

Fawad Shah, Pizza Hut

HIPAA compliance

Healthcare compliance is always challenging. Authentication helps ensure your data security remains fighting fit.

Data privacy

Managing patient data (and keeping it secure) is absolutely critical for healthcare organisations. Failure to comply with regulations can have enormous consequences. That’s why healthcare organisations trust our two-factor solution to keep their data safe.

Simplified access

Medical information has to be secured. But it also needs to be accessible by healthcare providers and insurers in order to deliver the best possible care. Tokenless authentication ensures the right people have access to the right information.

Swift deployment

Token-based authentication options are expensive to implement and maintain, as well as placing an unwelcome strain on IT departments. Tokenless solutions are easier for healthcare organisations to maintain and can be deployed in hours.

Since rolling out SecurEnvoy we have been able to significantly reduce our administrative overhead and the overall cost of the solution as well as improving the security of our network.

Richard Medina, IT Manager